North Pole Secrets Revealed: Interview With An Elf

Ho, ho, ho, and greetings from the North Pole! Wait, thats not my line. Lets start again!

Hey there everyone! How are you doing today? My name is Sparkle, and Im here today on a short holiday trip to visit my friends at Twinkle Nights. (Okay, this feels much better. Dont tell the Big Guy I stole his signature line…)

Why am I here? Does it seem like I tend to take a lot of vacations? Well, working at the North Pole is a lot of work. And I know that a popular theme during this time of year is Christmas in July. So with that in mind, my friends at Twinkle Nights wanted to have an interview with an elf. And who better than their resident Christmas-time Elf on the Shelf than me, Sparkle?

So with that in mind, let’s get started!

Tom: What do elves do in the off-season?

Sparkle: Well, thats a great question, Tom, though I gotta be honest…

Do we really have an off-season? After all, Christmas is a big event. Its like our version of the Super Bowl, just much, much, much bigger! Working for Santa is great, though, I will say that. He knows that we work all year long, so rather than give us an off-season, we get off-weeks. Much like you would think of as vacation time, we get a similar setup.

And thats how Im able to swing by and visit from time to time. I use my time off to visit you!

Tom: Okay, that makes sense. So then how do the elves make so many gifts if they get a lot of vacation time?

Sparkle: Hey now, I cant reveal all of our secrets! If I did, Hasbro and Mattel might start copying our methods, haha!!

But I can tell you a couple of things. First, it takes a lot of effort. Santa has perfected the process. We all work together as a team for one. Two, it’s not really work if youre enjoying it, right?

And I guess three, as mentioned before, theres no real off-season for us. Myself and one group of elves may be off right now, but when were back in the Workshop, another group takes some time off. Its an efficient process, to be honest!

Tom: Speaking of HQ, can you talk a bit about the operational structure of Santas Workshop?

Sparkle: Sure! Have you ever seen the movie The Santa Clause? While we dont have a person named Bernard, much of the operational structure is pretty similar. Disney did a good job with their interpretation, which makes you wonder if another elf spilled the beans. Hmm…

But anyway, yeah I have a boss and he reports to someone above him who reports to Santa. Its a very friendly setup too, everyone gets along with everyone and we all enjoy coming to work each day — especially because of all of the beautiful lighting displays we get to see all year long!

Tom: Oh, thats a great point: what type of lights do they use at the North Pole?

Sparkle: Well, to be honest, we used inefficient older light styles until relatively recently. See, we learned from our good friends at Twinkle Nights about the advantages of C9 and LED bulbs. Once our head elf made the decision to make the transition, everything changed. Its truly a sight to behold, and we only use professional-grade hardware too — just like you guys!

Tom: So with the change to C9 bulbs, I have to ask: does Santa light up his outdoor spaces?

Sparkle: Of course he does. Some of his outdoor lighting displays are meant for recreation, just as you do for homeowners and their backyard patios. We also have seasonal light shows as well as beautiful Edison bulbs for the downtime between our working shifts.

Tom: Thats so interesting. So then what is your favorite part of working at the North Pole?

Sparkle: Oh, I dont know if I could narrow it down to just one or two things. I mean Tom, you know me: everything is my favorite. Working at the North Pole is no different. I love the sights and the sounds and the cold and the fun and the joy of making toys for kids across the globe.

I love working for the Big Guy and alongside all of my elf co-workers. They truly are family to me — in a few cases, literally!

If I had to summarize it into one thing, I guess it would be that the Spirit of Christmas that flows throughout the place is a great reminder of the Reason for the Season!

Tom: Okay, so now the ultimate question: how old are you, really?

Sparkle: (laughs) Dont you know better than to ask that question? I mean, lets be real, we elves live for a very long time. Though I still feel like a kid at heart, Ive been around for a long time.

Tell you what: lets save that answer for another time.

And thats it, my friends. Would you like to join me at the North Pole?

After all, all of the fun I talked about today surely is enticing. Of course, if you did relocate, youd have to leave behind warm, sunny Florida and get used to snow, snow, and more snow. Plus, its cold — way colder than Gainesville ever sees.

And worse yet, if you did move to the North Pole, youd have to say goodbye to the beautiful Christmas light displays that Twinkle Nights hang every year. Those are some of the highlights of Santas journey, and you get to see them all season long.

How about instead of moving, you reach out to Tom and his team to schedule a consultation for your home or business so that he can turn it into a virtual North Pole with an amazing lighting display? I think that makes a ton of sense, and his pricing simply cant be beaten!

And with that, its time for me to go. See you next time!

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