Christmas Light Design – 7 Stunning Ideas For Your Business

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Every business looks for ways to stand apart from the crowd. An epic Christmas display is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression and keep your business at the front of your customersminds. Of course, to make a display truly epic it needs to sparkle” — just like me! Thats right, Sparkle, ladies and gentlemen. As youre starting to think ahead to your upcoming Christmas decorations for your shops and businesses, I thought Id swing by and offer my glowing expertise! So lets get right to it: here are my seven stunning Christmas light design ideas for your business!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

If your business has an outside area, such as a restaurant patio or a parking lot, heres an idea you have to try. Consider holding an outdoor tree lighting ceremony! This is a great way to bring people in while also giving them something fun to do with their family.

Start by identifying the biggest tree on your property, or if you want to go big, haul one in. If youre doing the latter, find a nice centralized area to place the tree. And then, to make the display truly exceptional, call Twinkle Nights! Their team can help you hang your lights so perfectly that your lighting ceremony will shock and awe everyone in attendance. Twinkle Nights will make certain that everything is ready to go for the big night.

Make it an event

For a little extra promotion, you should send out flyers and social media messages announcing your lighting ceremony and other activities. Make it an event that people want to come to! Serve hot cocoa and freshly popped popcorn, set up a craft or game table and give out candy cane prizes, or create a photo op display with some of my elf friends. Truly, the options are endless!

Then, when it gets dark, the magic can happen. Flip the switch on your dazzling big tree and enjoy your hard work! Everyone will remember the extra special effort you put into this years celebration and want to come back year after year.

Santa photo ops for businesses

Transform and glow up

Embrace the holiday spirit by transforming your store or office into something truly magical. Whether you choose to model it after the North Pole, an elf workshop, a gingerbread house, or a winter wonderland, the options are endless. The staff can dress up with festive hats and creative outfits to add to the fun as well!

If you have an office complex, why not make it a competition and allow each employee to choose their cubby theme? Let the whole office vote on the winner and then surprise them with a goody basket full of Christmas treats!

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus…

Santa is one of my all-time favorite people. Why not invite him to your workspace as a way of kickstarting the holiday season?

Are you wondering how you can pull such a thing off during his busy season? Santa loves to have fun, and hosting a Breakfast with Santa” event is a popular holiday option! I happen to know the Big Guy pretty well and he is all about breakfast. Serve donuts and cocoa and set up a photo op section with a big chair and Christmas decor. Allow time for kids and families to get their pictures taken with Santa and to share all their Christmas list wants.

And as an extra special way of making this idea sparkle, call the team at Twinkle Nights and see if they can help turn your breakfast nook into something that even the Griswolds would be jealous of!

These are a few of my favorite things…

Many parents and grandparents have memories of window shopping with their parents during the holiday season. Youve heard the stories of getting dressed up to go shopping and strolling along the downtown streets while checking out the themed window displays.

Why not bring that back to your business this year?

Window displays create a sense of nostalgia and the magic of yesteryear, allowing your customers and anyone who walks by to re-live their childhood memories as well as share them with their families.

Take a cue from the window display masters themselves, Macys, and design a window theme that transports you to another time and place. In their heyday, window themes were so heavily guarded that they were designed and built in secret, then set into place at the last minute! Or, choose a modern theme that ties into the area where you live. Be creative, it is going to become a photo op location in your city!

Speaking of photo ops!

Outdoor Christmas Wonderland florida

Another easy to set up stunning Christmas light design idea for your business is to set aside a space in your office or retail shop for creative photos. Have you been at a mall recently that has one of those selfie station” businesses? Dont let them have all of the fun: create a mini North Pole photo op thats easily visible as customers walk into your establishment. Its a great draw for families, friends out shopping together, and for creative social media posts featuring your employees!

Walking in a winter wonderland…

If you have a large property, why not add a Christmas light walk experience? The Twinkle Nights staff can help you design the perfect layout and setup to make a dazzling color show. Theme it with your favorite Christmas songs (like I have in this blog), popular Christmas stories, or choose a Christmas-Around-the-World theme honoring the different cultures in your city or neighborhood. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, so go crazy and work with Tom on creating the perfect outdoor wonderland for your customers.

Call Twinkle Nights for even more stunning Christmas light designs for your business!

Well, its time once again for me to head back to the North Pole. Before I go, I just wanted to remind you that Twinkle Nights is your go-to hub for all of your Christmas light hanging needs. Theyll help you unpack your ideas so that your dream becomes a reality.

Ready to get started? Then contact them today for a free quote!

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