How To Celebrate Christmas In July!

How to celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas in July is more than just a marketing tactic for big-box department stores. Its a fun, lighthearted way to celebrate the height of the summer in a unique and unexpected manner. Of course, I am on board with this idea because I love Christmas.

Thats right, your friend Sparkle is back! Santa is on vacation on the sunny beaches of FL and brought us elves with him. This gave me an amazing opportunity to reconnect with my friends at Twinkle Nights. After chatting with them about how we celebrate Christmas in July up at the North Pole, Tom asked me to share with you some of my favorite ideas on how to make this July a festive one!

What is the point?

Interestingly, while Christmas in July seems more like a trendy or modern concept, it has been a real event for much longer. A summer girls’ camp in South Carolina started it as an activity in 1935! As the decades have passed, more people and companies have gotten involved whether through movie marathons, special sales, or even throwing holiday parties in July. And you know me, Im always ready for a party!

Amazing Christmas Foods 

Everyone has a favorite Christmas food. What is yours? Mine has to be Christmas cookies. Or maybe peppermint bark. I dont think I can pick just one favorite though. Fortunately, its easy to recreate your favorite holiday food to enjoy in the summer. The taste of your favorite cookie or dish instantly transports you to memories of Christmases past and all of your family and friends gathered around the table.

Looking for some more creative Christmas in July food ideas? Here are three more to get you started:

watermelon snowman
Watermelon snowman by
  • Peppermint Ice Cream Sundaes: Ice cream hits the spot on a hot day and peppermint is a quintessential holiday flavor. Try combining them for a treat that is reminiscent of the season! Scoop your favorite vanilla ice cream into a bowl. Crush peppermint candies and sprinkle over ice cream. Top with whipped cream, a cherry, and some red and green sprinkles.
  • Watermelon Snowman Bowl: 3 small watermelons make the perfect snowman serving bowls. Cut off the top third of 2 of the watermelons on their longer side then use a melon baller to scoop out the watermelon flesh. Fill the now empty rinds with balls of watermelon. Use your melon baller on the rind of the third watermelon to create your snowmans face, then add details to complete the look. 
  • Peppermint Smores: I dont know about you but I cant wait to try this one myself! Crush peppermint candies and sprinkle them on your chocolate before adding that perfectly toasted marshmallow. Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

Tasty Drinks to Keep Your Belly Full

When you think of Christmas, what drinks come to mind? Id be willing to bet that hot chocolate was the first one to pop into your head!

Of course, a piping hot drink in the middle of a hot Florida day maybe doesnt hold the same appeal it would in the winter. Not a problem! A Christmas in July-themed frozen hot cocoa still invokes the nostalgia and magic of the season in a more temperature-friendly way. Sprinkles and some mini marshmallows on top will make it super festive!

Some other festive drinks to consider:

  • Cranberry Punch: Cranberry is another yummy holiday flavor. Bring it into the summer with this easy punch recipe! Combine 1.5 liters of cranberry-apple juice with 1 liter of ginger ale. Add ice to the glass along with a couple of lime slices and some sprigs of fresh mint. Pour the desired amount of punch into the glass and enjoy!
  • Grinch Fizz: Add 3 parts lime punch, 1 part lemon-lime soda, and half a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a glass. Swirl together and top with a small red heart sprinkle.
  • Peppermint Milkshake: For a delicious and chilly treat, add peppermint extract to your favorite vanilla milkshake recipe. Top your shake with whip cream and red and green sprinkles!

Fun Christmas in July Activities for the Whole Family

Watching a holiday movie full of snow while comfortably relaxing in your AC is a great way to beat the heat outdoors. Pick your all-time favorite or choose the one youve never seen, grab a bowl of popcorn, and your favorite blanket, and enjoy the show! Another fun activity would be to throw a backyard Christmas in July dance party. String up some lights, start your favorite holiday playlist, and create fun memories that will last a lifetime.

merry christmas in july

Even more fun activities to help you celebrate Christmas in July this year:

  • Start a new tradition: Since a lot of people cut down a fresh tree each December, why not plant a tree this July instead?
  • Build a Snow (Sand) man: Are you going to the beach during your Christmas in July celebration? Bring along some stones for the snowman’s eyes and mouth, some sticks for arms, and a beach hat to complete your sandy snowmans summer get-up.
  • A surprise visit from your elf: My personal favorite on this activity list. Help your resident elf create a fun summer activity. Pick a day to be “Leon” day (noel spelled backward) as we’re now just past the halfway point to Christmas. So, do everything backward. Wear your clothes backward, start your meals with dessert first, and lastly, sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas backward too. Can you do it? Make sure your elf gets back to the North Pole safely!

Celebrate Christmas in July with my friends at Twinkle Nights

The team at Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights is the expert in everything related to making your holiday light show the talk of the neighborhood. Of course, while right now isnt the time to decorate for the holidays, Tom and the team do offer amazing patio lights. Its just one of the ways theyre serving North Florida all year long.

Would you like to know more about their patio light options or get on their calendar for this upcoming holiday season? Theyd love to talk with you — just fill out this short form and one of them will be in touch ASAP!

Now, its back to the beach for me and my elf friends. I want to soak up some sun before Santa decides to head back to the North Pole. See you soon!

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