How Do I Sync My Christmas Lights To Music?

how to set christmas lights to music

Its hard to believe but we are already past the halfway point of 2023. Do you know what this means? Christmas is coming! Youre probably thinking, Sparkle, no! Its too early to be thinking about Christmas!” Im here to tell you that the opposite is true. Now is the time to start thinking about your lighting displays and decor so that you have plenty of time to get the kinks worked out and get all of your supplies purchased. If youve ever wondered, How do I sync my Christmas lights to music?”, then the answer might be easier than you think. So, if you plan to light up your home with a show set to music, todays blog is for you.

How big of a lights show are we talking about?

Long before you create your playlist for your holiday lights and invite your friends to swing by and enjoy the show, youll need to decide on how big you want it to be. How many channels will you be running?

Wait, Channels, like my cable subscription?” Not quite. Channels in holiday light installation refer to individual units of lights that are controlled independently. Every channel should control a single element of your display. There may be multiple parts to that element (say, a set of trees on one side). But the action of those holiday lights is unique to them and them alone.

Another thing youll need to decide on is what styles of holiday lights you want to add. Are you envisioning a more simple display with string lights that dance to the music? Or do you plan to add moving displays that feature faces, characters, logos, and all kinds of shapes? This will determine the style of lighting that you choose.

And yes, youll need to figure all of these out before you get started with your holiday lights installation.

Why does the style of lights matter?

 LED light strands are the standard for homeowners. Especially those that plan to hang lines of lights that blink, cycle, or twinkle to a playlist. Strand lights are perfect for lighting up trees on your property, lining your front porch and roofline, and wrapping your windows.

And as a bonus, software programs can make this job a whole lot easier. Options that utilize strips of lights and work with pixels are used in shows that incorporate everything from singing trees to logos to picture-based features and more.

Software, apps, and whats next

Speaking of software, there are several options available on the market today when it comes to choosing a light show management program. The options are almost as endless as the number of elves working at the North Pole. As a brief sampling, some of these software solutions include:

  • TwinklyPro
  • Xlights
  • Light-O-Rama

Basic app options like Hue allow you to sync and control your light show to a phone. Software programs can be more involved and often have a learning curve but also allow for more customization and added elements to your show. Every year, new programs are released and current programs are constantly updating and improving their features.

Speaking of new software development and advances in the industry…

A.I. is joining the party

Is there an industry that isnt talking about A.I. yet? Well, perhaps Santa is an exception. Hes always going to need skilled elves like my friends and me.

But, as A.I. explodes onto the scene, its a given that it will eventually be able to create and run shows with minimal input from you. Some homeowners will welcome this as it will free up their time for other things. Others, however, will prefer to continue creating their own masterpieces and adding to them year after year. With this particular aspect of syncing Christmas lights to music, youll want to wait a little bit longer. But sure enough, one day, the holiday light installation process will likely include A.I. in some small way.

Decide on your music playlist

With all of those details out of the way, now we can finally talk about the fun part: the music! Are you planning an epic Christmas playlist full of the classics, an upbeat show featuring some of the newest and most modern tunes, or a show with the music from your favorite Christmas movie such as Home Alone?

No matter which option you choose, youll need to create your playlist in an app like Spotify or within your software program before finishing your show. Once completed, youll have finally put all of the pieces together involving how to sync Christmas lights to music!

How much is all of this going to cost?

Well, before I dive into pricing, I want to mention that the best way to minimize your cost is to contact Twinkle Nights. Tom and his crew can help you develop the best setup for your home and budget.

That being said, Christmas light shows are not one of the cheaper hobbies out there. Nevertheless, the fun of having a light show often outweighs the price for many homeowners. Obviously, the size of your show will determine your expenses.

But you can still put up a small yet fun display without completely breaking the bank. A good starting point is to assume a cost of $1.50 per pixel or anywhere from $5-$25 per channel for traditional incandescent or LED strands. The cost will depend on whether you DIY the entire setup yourself or purchase a ready-to-go kit.

The best Christmas lights show starts with the crew at Twinkle Nights!

There are two groups of people out there:

  • Those that are even more excited to get started on building the light show theyve been dreaming of and;
  • Those that are rethinking their decision and maybe even ready to back out of it altogether.

Luckily, its easy to stay in the first camp. All you need to do is work with my friends at Twinkle Nights to create a light show that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights can create a full-light production that will make Santa swoon!

Ready to get started with your holiday lights? Then send Tom a message here! And with that, Ill see you next time my friends!

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