The Best Places To See Christmas Lights In North Florida

the best place to see christmas lights north florida

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see my friends…oh, hey there you are! Sorry, you caught me talking to myself. Yes, and I know that’s something I do a lot, but I just can’t hide how happy it makes me! See, today I’ve been thinking about all of the best places to see holiday lights in North Florida. And I gotta tell you, friends, there are some pretty cool spots!

Every year, Santa comes back to the North Pole with news about all of the amazing Christmas lights displays that Tom and the Twinkle Nights crew put together. And I just know that hes going to have even more to talk about this year. Will your home be on the list?

Meanwhile, homes arent the only light shows he talks about. Many businesses get in on the action too! The best places to see holiday lights in North Florida also include some drive-through locations, walk-through spots, and one that Im especially excited to share with you!

So grab your favorite drink — whether it be coffee, tea, or hot cocoa — sit back, and let me tell you about all of the best places to see holiday lights in North Florida!

Where are the prettiest Christmas Lights?

To start off this list today, I wanted to highlight one of my personal favorites. Is there any better combination than lights and flowers? I didnt think so. Thats why one of the prettiest places to see Christmas lights is The Historic Thomas Center. Their annual Holiday Tree Lighting is right around the corner on December 3rd, so be sure to check out the details here.

Did you know that the North Pole is full of snow? Its true, which means that, for me, I think one of the prettiest places to see Christmas lights is with the ocean in the background. Thats why Im going to give places near the Atlantic Coast in Jacksonville one of my Sparkle Recommended” ratings.

Drive through locations to see Christmas lights in Gainesville

Of course, you came here today for specifics, and I dont want to disappoint you with those details. Lets start with a drive-through location thats sure to impress. Just a short distance up the road from Gainesville is St. Augustine. Each year, they host their Night of Lights which kicks off this year on November 18th. You can catch more of the details here, but if 3 million (thats right, million) lights sound like a sight to behold, you wouldnt be wrong. Be sure to check this out!

Walk through places

If you live in Gainesville, then youve probably heard of Celebration Point. This is always a great walk-through experience and one of the best places to see holiday lights in North Florida. And not too far away is Jonesville. There, theyll be lighting up Tioga Town Center with a special event on December 2nd this year!

Notable businesses

I wanted to wrap up my initial thoughts on the best places to see holiday lights in North Florida — before moving on to the big one — with a few notable business highlights. There are so many to choose from that Im going to feel bad leaving someone off. But be sure to check out Butler Plaza in Gainesville and if you get the chance, take a trip to Jekyll Island in Georgia! Jekyll Island has the 4th best light show in the country and is a spectacular vacation spot.

Winter Wonderland Gainesville FlyerBackIntroducing Winter Wonderland in Gainesville, Florida

Now this is exciting! I have some really cool news to share with you, so I hope youre sitting down. My friends at Twinkle Nights have put together an amazing holiday event that youre not going to want to miss. Are you ready?

Its called Winter Wonderland! Wondering where the festivities are taking place? Thats easy: its right behind the North Central YMCA on 34th Boulevard in Gainesville, FL. It’s going on every Friday and Saturday night from November 17th to December 30th!

Now, this isnt just any normal event. Yes, its one of the best places to see holiday lights in North Florida. Its also full of other fun events, attractions, and activities for the whole family!

Features and attractions at Winter Wonderland

For example, this year theyre going to have a couple of special friends walking around. Be sure to stop and pause to take a snapshot of you or your kiddos with the Snow Queen and her trusty Snowman!

But thats not the only photo opportunity youll have. Did you know that the Big Guy himself is going to be there? If youve ever wanted to get a photo taken with Santa, this is your chance!

Naturally, this is a place full of magic and fun, so there will be an opportunity to grab your own magic wand. I love Christmas cookies, and Twinkle Nights will be having its own station to decorate Christmas cutouts!

Did I mention music? Yes, a Winter Wonderland Music Show will be there along with some fun games, a direct access mailbox to send Santa your letter, and — yes, its true — Operation Find Rudolph. Hes always getting into so much trouble.

With Christmas ornament decorating, a gift shop, and more, this is an event the whole family will want to be there for. You can buy tickets here and learn more about Winter Wonderland here.

Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of yours truly while youre there!

The best places to see Christmas lights in North Florida

I gotta admit, there are so many crazy and exciting places to see Christmas displays in Gainesville — not to mention the nearby towns — that it was hard to pin down just a few. But I did want to share with you a little tip to think about for next year.

If you want to make the list of the best places to see holiday lights in North Florida, then why not contact the Twinkle Nights team? Whether for your home or business, they can truly put together some amazing displays! From patio lights to decorating your house to company displays and more, theyve been helping customers all across Gainesville for quite some time now!

And trust me, Santa is always impressed by what he sees!

Would you like to chat with them about making the list? Then send Tom a message here or call them today at (844) 820-4613. And with that, Ill be on my way. Take care, friends!

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