How to Light Up Your Outdoor Space

how to light up your outdoor space

Are you looking for a way to light up your outdoor space? After all, outdoor lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore!

Wait, did I say Christmas? “It’s only February!” you’re probably thinking, way too early for Christmas in July even. And yes, I know that we’re not even into spring yet for you folks in the U.S. 

However, up at the North Pole, plans are well underway for this year’s celebration. It will be here before you know it. Who am I? Sparkle, of course! Your friendly, neighborhood Elf on the Shelf. Now, back to the lights. 

Did you know that using outdoor lighting is a great way to decorate your outdoor spaces? They can also be used to create outdoor living or entertainment areas, extending your livable square footage beyond the four walls of your home. 

And of course, my friends at Twinkle Nights are the experts and are sure to help you create the yard of your dreams. Here are some ideas on how to light up your outdoor space all year long!

Creative hanging lights

creative hanging string lightsFirst, get creative when lighting your backyard. Here’s an idea that’s sure to turn some heads: Your patio can be lined with strands of beautiful Edison bulbs, adding to the visual design as well as creating an amazing sense of ambiance. 

To take the creativity up a notch, use a few sets of lights. Several hanging strands that start from a single point and fan out can create a unique, starburst pattern over your space. This helps to both add visual interest as well as provide ample lighting for outdoor events. 

Moving beyond strands, single lights like hanging lanterns can be scattered around the edges of the patio or yard. This will help to define the space, providing a sense of completeness to your lighting layout.

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Permanently light trees on your property with mini light strands

One of my favorite decorating styles at Christmas involves trees. And no, I’m not referring to Christmas trees (although I do love all of the creative ways homeowners use those).

I’m referring to outdoor trees. For example, have you seen the trees lit up at area hospitals and shopping centers? Here’s a cool fact: did you know they are likely permanent lighting displays? Furthermore, did you know that you can do something similar in your yard as well? 

Don’t believe me? Walk outside right now. Well, okay, if you’re reading this on your computer, read this first and then walk outside. Look at your yard. Come back here when you’re done.

You’re back! Awesome, now answer me this: do you have smaller trees that would pop with the addition of permanent mini lights? After all, they are useful as landscape decoration throughout the year and for lighting your yard or patio during a backyard party. Better yet, they can even save time when it’s Christmas light season as they’re already done for you, freeing you up to decorate other areas of your yard!

Spotlight areas of your yard with colored uplights

Do you have towering trees in your yard that you want to highlight as part of your landscaping layout? Consider spotlighting them with different colored uplights. Start by choosing a single color theme, a few different colors, or even set them to cycle through a few options. The option you go with will vary depending on your personal preference of course, but I think all of them are excellent options.

But, if you want my opinion, I’m more than happy to provide it. Let’s see, in a perfect Sparkle-fied World, I think I would personally choose my favorite color: pink! 

But of course, whatever color you choose, your yard is sure to stand out from everyone else with this simple yet effective technique to light up your outdoor space!

Utilize moonlights to add a subtle, elegant ambiance

Wait…did I say the moon? Doesn’t that just mean letting the moon light up your yard? 

Not exactly. Picture your yard on a balmy, clear moonlight night. Think about how the light filters through the trees and creates an almost ethereal glow. Got that in your head? Good.

Now picture that same yard on a cloud-covered night. The weather is still nice but the yard is dark and shadowed. This is where moon lights come in. The team at Twinkle Nights will strategically place lights high above near the tops of your trees or other buildings on your property. By doing so, they’ll be mimicking the effect of the moon on a clear night. 

Now you can have a unique lighting element every night of the week that’s perfect for hosting backyard parties and more. That’s a pretty cool idea if you ask me!

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Trust the experts with your backyard oasis

I get it. We all like to have control over our home projects. My gingerbread cabin is my personal, private, (and dare I say) a little bit extra oasis. But what else would you expect with a name like Sparkle?

And I completely understand what it would feel like to let someone else take over the decorating in my home. That might seem hard at first, but I have an extra special secret to share with you.

The team at Twinkle Nights is worth it. 

They are, believe me! If I could sneak them up to the North Pole to light up my backyard, I would do it. It might be a bit with travel, obviously! But if I could get them up there, I’d have the best lighting display those other elves have ever seen! And I’m confident that even Santa himself would approve of all of the amazing work they do — after all, he loves their displays around Gainesville, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, The Villages, Wildwood, and more!

Contact Twinkle Nights at (844) 820-4613 or visit their site to request a free quote here. Then, you’ll be able to find out how they can help you light up your outdoor space and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. 

And now I have to get back before anyone notices I’m gone. See you soon, my friends!


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