Christmas Light Design – 5 Stunning Ideas For Your Home


Its hard to believe we are moving quickly towards the holiday season already! Before you know it, fall displays will give way to candy canes and Christmas light designs and every radio station will play carols. Its no surprise that I for one, am ready for it to be here already. But I guess I should listen to Santas wisdom as he often says, Sparkle, you just need to be patient!” He knows thats not a virtue I hold true to my heart, but I guess hes right.

So, lets all be patient together! While we wait for the seasons to change, I wanted to help the folks at Twinkle Nights share these five stunning ideas for your home this holiday season. And yes, these ideas probably wont help ease that pre-Christmas excitement youre feeling right now!

First, lets talk about your trees

The trees in your yard provide ample space for fun decor. Start by wrapping light strands around the trunk and drape from the branches. Look for large, outdoor ornaments and suspend those from the tree as well, creating a larger-than-life Christmas tree in your front yard.

Other items like large snowflakes would also be a great addition to your outdoor tree decor. One of the events in our annual Elf Olympics (held every year before winter arrives), is the tree decorating competition. All of us elves race to see who can create the biggest, brightest, most magical tree. I think this year may be my year to take home the trophy with all of these great tips from Twinkle Nights!

christmas decor and inflatables

Next, lets look at your decor and inflatables

Moving to the yard, your decorating options are quite literally endless. Yard decor comes in all shapes and sizes. Some families go all out while others keep it simple.

To get your creative side flowing, lets start with a simple yard display. You can set up a sleigh, complete with reindeer and the big guy himself. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to show off a recreation of Santas annual trip around the globe?

Another idea is to create a display with a snowman family that will welcome your guests when they arrive. Maybe you can even include the same number of snowmen (and women) that you have in your household? Thats a small idea to get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

Inflatable yard decor is often a polarizing topic. Typically, people either love them or hate them with no in-between. If youre one of those who enjoy an inflatable display, consider creating a themed display with a few of your favorites. If youre a fan of a particular sports team, see if you can find an inflatable showing your support.

And of course, you can totally go all out and cover the entire yard. Some people like to name their annual inflatables display with a creative twist on their design. Whatever you do, its sure to make a statement!

Dont forget about colored lights

Another stunning tip is to utilize colored lights in your outdoor lighting display. Clear lights tend to be the most popular as they lend themselves to a twinkling, almost ethereal appearance.

But I think for a truly stunning display, colored lights are the way to go! From lining the eaves of your roof in multicolored light strands to lining your walkways in traditional Christmas colors, using colored lights will help you stand out among a sea of clear lighting displays.

Whichever way you go with your choice of lights, the team at Twinkle Nights can help you come up with a design that will make Clark Griswold himself jealous! Just make sure theyre C9 outdoor-rated bulbs!

Rocking around the Christmas yard with twinkling and moving decor

It wouldnt be a Christmas blog if I didnt throw a twist on a holiday classic into it! Adding movement to your display is an easy way to up the impressiveness of your outdoor decor. Remember Kevins moving displays during Home Alone? You should be more organized than that, of course, but take inspiration from the movement in that scene.

For example, twinkling lights draw you into the magic and keep your eyes engaged. Moving displays like reindeer that appear to be flying or grazing the ground are visually appealing and fun. For a truly stunning display, attach a star to a high point on your house and then string twinkling lights down to the ground like a waterfall. With very little effort, you will have created a stunning, stand-out yard display.

twinkling and moving christmas decor

Go big with lighted signs and music

For more visual interest, consider adding light-up signs to your display. One simple yet impressive idea is possibly a giant, lit Merry Christmas!” You could also add reindeer parking for a fun, playful option. Or how about a giant arrow pointing to your roof that says Santa, please stop here!” The big guy sure would get a laugh out of that one!

For even more interest, set your lighting to music! Everyone has seen those homes decked out in a total light extravaganza, right? And while I love all kinds of Christmas lights, a light show set to music is probably one of my favorite types of displays ever! Not only is this option visually impressive, but it also helps your display stand out from the rest.

Work with Twinkle Nights for the most stunning lighting display

This is my favorite tip, and it’s a bonus one too! Whether you choose a specific theme or plan a more abstract lighting display, these ideas will help propel your light design to the next level.

The staff at Twinkle Nights makes it their goal to help you design a Christmas light display that not only fits your budget but creates memories for everyone who views it. Contact them to schedule your free consultation right away so that youre on their calendar for the upcoming holiday season.

And thats it for me for this time, I need to get back to the North Pole in time for my event in the Elf Olympics — wish me luck!

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