The Best Christmas Party Ever – How To Prepare!

The Best Christmas Party Ever - How To Prepare!

It feels like 2022 is just flying by, doesnt it? One minute, we were discussing patio lights for a backyard cookout, and the next, Christmas parties! Now, Im a year-round lover of all things holiday cheer and festivities. Thats why the team at Twinkle Nights asked me to swing by and share some tips on how to prepare for the best Christmas party ever.

If you havent met me yet, Im Sparkle the Elf, and of course, I have all the tips to make your holiday gatherings the talk of the town!

The early bird gets the worm (or something like that)

While it may sound cliché, the early bird does have a point. The earlier you start planning your party, gathering supplies, and setting up decorations the less stressed youll be. Plus, being extra prepared leaves time for any unexpected snafus in your party planning. This also allows you to enjoy the epic party you are hosting without worrying about the smaller details that you can easily overlook.

The holiday season is always busy and if you are the host, the stress of planning a party to remember on top of buying presents for your family, selecting the perfect tree from the tree farm, and all the other activities that come with Christmas prep can leave you feeling less than merry. Early planning helps to ensure you are not overwhelmed with last-minute party prep so that you can actually enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

Double duty decor

Thanksgiving typically brings to mind things like turkeys, pumpkins, and warm tones like orange, red, yellow, and brown. But with a little creativity, some of the same decorations you choose for Thanksgiving dinner with the family can also become the basis for your neighborhood Christmas party saving you both time and money.

Choose deeper shades of traditional holiday colors to meld the two seasonal designs together seamlessly (think brick red instead of crimson and forest, not grass green). Remember this when choosing table linens and decor. Decorate grapevine wreaths and garlands with autumn leaves and pumpkins that can easily be swapped out for holly berries, Christmas ribbons, and gold or silver ornaments without replacing the entire decoration.

Light up the night

Add a cozy ambiance to a Christmas dinner party with candles or clear, twinkling strands of lights woven throughout your decor. If your party is outdoors, you can line the patio or backyard with strands of clear or colored lights as well.

Are you hosting your party in a large space? Decorate trees of various heights and sizes with multi-colored lights to stage around the room. Fill glass vases with battery-powered candles or light strands and assorted ornaments to help set your desired scene.

Choose a party theme to add to the fun

Sure, you could just host a party. But, you could also choose a theme for your guests to remember months later. Ugly Christmas sweater parties have exploded in popularity in the last few years. Those of us who live at the North Pole think theyre AMAZING and every year we have a contest to see who can find the most festive and wonderful sweater. The winner takes home a cocoa mug filled with candy canes and a coupon for free cocoa at Elfbucks!

Other theme ideas include dressing as a character from your favorite holiday movie, Christmas Around the World, Carol-oke (grab the karaoke machine and belt out your favorites), and Throwback Christmas complete with classic tunes, a tree decked out in tinsel, and party attire straight from the Mad Men set.

Maybe you even want to incorporate a classic Christmas story into the theme (if so, here are several to choose from).

What is a party without food?

Can you even call your Christmas party the best ever if there is no food involved? Im not sure thats possible! Charcuterie boards and entire table spreads are super trendy right now and can easily be the center of a memorable holiday gathering. And yes, I know that charcuterie boards sometimes have a stigma around them (some jokingly call them adult Lunchables”), but I say forget about that! Not only are these incredibly creative, but you can also go all out with festive designs, Christmas Around the World themes (like we mentioned previously), or expand your familys taste buds simply by adding more variety to the edible offerings.

Another fun tip to consider is to make it a potluck and ask each guest to bring their family’s favorite holiday dish or maybe a classic family recipe that has been passed down through the years. What a fun way to bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear while sharing memories with those you hold dear!

Everyone will be Rockinaround the Christmas tree

Dont neglect your music playlist. Set the mood with a mix of classic carols, festive tunes, and modern holiday hits. Your guests wont be able to resist the energy, so clear an area that way theres room for dancing! Make sure your list is long enough that it loops only once (if at all) during the course of the party so that there are no awkward, empty lulls in the background or annoying repeats.

Office christmas partyAre you on the party planning committee at The Office”?

Dont forget your workplace! If youre on the PPC (Party Planning Committee), each of these ideas can transform your standard holiday party into something Angela Martin and Pam Beesley would be proud of!

The best parties are the ones that bring your loved ones together

Whether youre going all out with an extravagant theme that well be talking about up at the North Pole for years to come or a classy yet elegant get-together for your co-workers, the options are endless to prepare for the best Christmas party ever!

If you need help with any of your holiday lighting needs to turn your party into one for the ages, my friends at Twinkle Nights would love to help. Contact Tom and his team for a free quote today!

And thats it for me, friends. Just a few more weeks until Christmas. Are you ready? I know I am! See ya soon!

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