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Twinkle Nights holiday lights

Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights started in 2018 specializing in Residential, Commercial, and Association holiday lights. We are an all-in-one service which means you don’t have to lift a finger this season! This is because not only do we install, take down, and service your lights, but at the end of the season we take them away and store them so you never have to give them a second thought.

We are always happy to give you a free, no-obligation bid on any project, and if you currently use another company, we invite you to compare our products, services, and pricing with theirs. You will almost certainly be pleasantly surprised.

meet our team

christmas bow installation

Tom Snogles

Tom’s Snogles is the owner and founder of Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights. He loves bringing the magic of lights and holiday cheer to north Florida each year since 2018. His best memories of Christmas, like watching the “Snowman” at his grandparent’s house in Bingham, England drive his desire to create some of the most spectacular holiday light designs North Florida has to offer.  When he’s not bringing holiday dreams to light, you can find him cycling the Hawthorne Trail, relaxing at Depot Park, or kayaking near one of North Florida’s unique springs.

Amanda McCauley
Office Administrator

Amanda joined the team in February 2020 and handles bookkeeping, sales, and collections as our office administrator. She loves Christmas because it’s when all her family gets together and she always gets presents from Santa. When she’s not at the desk or celebrating the holiday cheer, her green thumb is playing its part in growing fresh veggies, an assortment of plants, and stunning flowers. The garden is her favorite place to escape. She also loves working her way through every recipe in the family cookbook and exploring the bounties of nature in all its beauty with her Miniature Dachshund.

twinkle nights holiday lights

Erica Pierluissi
Sales Manager

Erica has been the sales manager for Twinkle Nights holiday lights since 2021, having started as a sales rep in 2020. In addition to the magic of holiday lights, she has her heart deeply rooted in the healing arts as a yoga instructor and bodywork practitioner. With a bachelor’s degree in fine art, Erica adds creative flair to the company, and with a history in customer service, she’s eager to satisfy customers’ wishes. Her favorite aspect of Christmas is the wonderment and magic it can bring to life, while the authentic expressions of appreciation and gratitude deepen the relationships she holds dear to her heart. She believes her purpose in life is to spread love and joy, so what better company to work for than Twinkle Nights.