What’s The Difference Between Professional And Standard Lights?

What's the difference between professional and standard lights

Christmas in July: the mere thought just makes my heart tingle with excitement. I wonder how many businesses are embracing this tradition right now? And even more so, if they are, I hope theyre utilizing professional lights in their displays!

Hey there, friends! Its me again: Sparkle. Yeah, I know, thinking about Christmas when it’s so warm outside might seem a little odd. But I cant help it! I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful displays and twinkling lights.

The benefits of professional lights

I suppose I should answer an important question first: what is the difference between professional lights and standard lights? Lets talk about that before highlighting the benefits of using the former style.

The biggest difference is build quality. Professional lights are made to withstand daily usage and extreme weather conditions. They have heavier-grade wiring and can tolerate whatever headaches Mother Nature decides to throw at them. Standard lights are usually lower quality, cheaply made, and wear out faster.

So, if youre reading between the lines (something Santa tells me all the time!), this means that the benefits of professional lights are:

  • A higher-quality construction
  • Longevity
  • Weatherproofing (specifically, water-resistance)
  • And more!

Now, what am I referring to when I talk about professional lights? In most cases, these are going to be LED and something called C9 bulbs. These are brighter, which means theyre more visible. And because theyre LED, theyre far more energy-saving than their standard counterparts.

Another benefit of professional lights is that they can often get a more accurate color tone for your display. The days of blinding LEDs are long behind us. Todays are far better suited to displays of all kinds.

Professional lights highlight the beauty of Christmas

Thats the next part I want to highlight. My friends at Twinkle Nights are Gainesvilles premier lighting company. They work with customers all year long, which Ill talk more about in a minute.

They got their start focusing on Christmas lights. Thats a big reason why Tom and his crew specifically use professional lighting setups in their displays. They are just downright beautiful, which means that they bring out the magic of Christmas merely by the way theyve been made!

To say it another way, if you want a striking Christmas display thatll make even Santa himself stop and admire your setup, use professional lights! These truly highlight the wonder that is the holiday season — not to mention work beautifully all year long as well.

How to Light Up Your Home Outside of Christmas

Professional lights are also meant for year-round usage

But wait, Sparkle, arent you an Elf? Why are you talking about year-round lighting?”

Thats a great question! See, one of the amazing things about these types of lights over their standard counterparts is that they are meant to be used from January to December. Lighting is no longer just a Christmas ordeal. Instead, communities and business owners alike are getting into the year-round game, using professional lights in various setups and designs to attract visitors.

For example, there are seasonal ways to incorporate lights into a building or outside setup. Think about beautiful Fourth of July displays to celebrate during the middle of the year. Or perhaps your business embraces the spirit of Halloween. There are some truly creative ways to use lights that can make your customers and visitors feel right at home.

And you know me: I love joy! Seeing all of these beautiful displays and setups throughout the entire year just makes me even more proud to be an honorary resident of this community.

But what about homeowners? Is there a way for them to get in on the fun too?

Patio lights and more

Of course, there is! Have you ever thought about adding professional patio lights to your backyard? If not, then now is the time to start thinking that way!

After all, spending time outdoors is a great way to reconnect with both nature and our families. The more time we spend outside, the more we want to keep doing so!

With professional patio and landscape lights, your backyard can become a beautiful oasis, perfect for entertaining guests, celebrating birthdays, honoring anniversaries, or simply cooking out. The possibilities are endless and when you use professional lights in this capacity, it means you wont have to worry about replacing them every year!

Professional lights at your event

Speaking of events, are you planning an upcoming wedding? What about a graduation party next summer? Perhaps its your parentsfiftieth anniversary (and if so, tell them congratulations from me).

Do you see where Im going with this? Professional event lights are just reserved for communities or businesses. There are many ways to bring the magic to your family as well. And better yet, I know just the team that can help you design the perfect lighting setup for your big event. So, whether one of your kids is getting married or you want to give mom and dad something unforgettable, be sure to use professional event lights for your next celebration!

A professional installationGoodyear Mansion 2

Now lets talk a bit about professional installation. Im sure youve seen various TV shows and movies where they use a staple gun to hang lights.

Please dont ever do this! Instead, its always a great idea to use professional-grade hangers to go along with your professional lights. You also want to use grounded extension cords that are rated for outdoor usage, running them in such a way that theyre not a tripping hazard. Finally, another tip for professional installation is to use enough lights to cover the space adequately. Dont try to overstretch the strands to save on costs. This will only lead to disappointing results.

The best lighting company in Northern Florida

Of course, if you need the best lighting company in Northern Florida, be sure to turn to my friends at Twinkle Nights. Theyre the regions expert in all aspects of lighting and follow the best practices I just described to a T.

Would you like to get in touch with Tom and his team? Then send them a message here requesting a free quote or call their sales office today at (844) 820-4613.

Time to get back to work! See you next time, my friends!

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