Lighting Ideas For Your Next Event

Rose Gala event lighting

I want that one, and that one, and that one, and oh hey! Welcome back to my world, friends! ItSparkle again, just sitting here looking through all these amazing lighting ideas on the internet. The team at Twinkle Nights has done an amazing job with so many of their setups and I cant wait to show them off to you.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why you would incorporate lights into your next big celebration. So, I was talking with Santa and he mentioned that I should share my expertise with each of you the next time I ran into you.

And now youre here! So here are my lighting ideas for your next event!

Twinkle Tunnel At the Rose Gala
Twinkle Tunnel! Great for parades and parties and lots of color options!

But first, why do we use lights in events?

I think before I show you these amazing lighting ideas for your next event, its a good idea to answer the why first. After all, before you can come up with your plan, you need to know why it matters.

Companies have always tried to set the mood through things like music, colors, and yes, lighting. This can sometimes even be the make-or-break for a celebration. Lighting sets the stage for whats to come, perfecting the ambiance and establishing the mood. It improves the experience of those who come to your event by bringing them into the vibe you want to create.

Plus, messaging often works better when it has an accompanying lighting scheme. Is your event peppy and energetic or classic and subdued? The appropriate design for your lights can unify them around those central themes.

But, lets not overlook the advantage of dynamic lighting. Maybe today you want to set a certain tone but next time an entirely different one. The lighting you employ can work in tangent with your plans.

What type of lights are best?

Okay Sparkle, we get it. Lights are good. But what type of lights are best?”

Ah, I knew wed get to this. Can I say It depends” without making you get mad at me?

It depends!?”

Yes, it depends. First, when it comes to holiday displays, you should always use energy-efficient C9 bulbs. These are cost-effective.

But what about other events? Sometimes, you will want a more restrained color, which is where softer lights come in. Nevertheless, if there was a best overall type of light, Id recommend LED. The technology has improved since Santa first hired me at the North Pole (dont ask how many years ago that was!) and the LEDs of today are much, much nicer than the ones of twenty or so years ago.

What is the best way to know what type of lighting will work best for your event? Contact Tom and the team at Twinkle Nights for assistance!

Where can you hang lights?

So youre going to go with LEDs — great. Now youre probably wondering where you can hang lights in and around your event.

Thats the beauty of it all. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can hang this just about anywhere! Consider a strand along the facade of your business or entrance to your attraction. It invites visitors in and prepares them for what youre offering!

If you have an indoor event, consider how you can string them along the overhead beams. A crisscross pattern can work exceptionally well here!

Do you have trees? Light them up! Do you have shrubs? Ditto! These natural features of your property are screaming for some illumination, and I dont mean the literal kind. Forget teaching them Plato — strap them with a strand or five of lights and watch as it brings your event to life!

Finally, you can hang them on your walls in the shape of special features. Perhaps youre doing a starry night theme. Use a small string to form a set of five-point stars near a special display or to highlight a sale.

What are some unique lighting ideas?how to light up your outdoor space

Those are the basics though. Are you ready for the next level?

It would take a bit of creative planning of course, but you could incorporate interactive lighting into your event! Using SMART features, you can program them to respond to movement or other types of input.

Another idea that you might not have thought of is to highlight a special decorative feature — perhaps a statue in your courtyard.

Finally, consider the color pattern. If youre wanting to evoke a sense of fire, use mixes of red, yellow, and orange to bring that vibe into your event.

A handful of lighting ideas for your next event

Ready to get specific? I know that there are five big events almost all of my friends will experience at least once in their lives. Those are weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, proms, and galas. Here are my quick thoughts on each.

wedding vertical-light-clusters-hanging-on-a-large-tree-create-a-magical-ceremony-ambience

– Wedding:  This is where I mentioned softer lighting earlier. Lighting can really add a sense of that fairy tale essence to your special day.

– Bridal shower: Of course, the preparations for a wedding can be just as fun. Dont overlook ways to add aesthetic lighting to your bridal shower (or showers).


– Baby shower: I love this one. There are so many ways you can incorporate lighting into a baby shower. You can also add thematic colors to match your special deliverys gender or to coincide with your theme.

Haile Plantation West Park Gazebo

– Senior prom: Everyone loves prom! Its one of the biggest days of a high schoolers life. Lighting can reinforce your setup, whether it’s Prom Under the Ocean,” something themed around the stars, or any other creative idea you can come up with.

– Galas: Finally, formal galas are a great way to recognize success in your community. When combined with lighting ideas for your next event here, youll create something truly remarkable and unforgettable.

Goodyear Mansion 2


The best company to help with your lighting needs in Northern Florida

Now, if youre looking for a pro tip, my biggest one for you is to contact Twinkle Nights. Theyll go over your needs and figure out the best setup for your special event.

Would you like to learn more? Then contact them here to get started!

And with that, it’s back to work. See you next time!

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