How To Draw Crowds To Your Business During The Holidays

How to draw crowds to your business during the holidays

Hello everyone! It’s good to see you back again, and I gotta admit, I’m already getting excited for Christmas this year. Yes, I know, it’s many months away, but it’ll be here before you know it. What tips did you use last year to draw crowds to your business during the holidays? My friends at Twinkle Nights, of course, love to use epic light displays. They’re the experts at it, and always come up with creative ways to light up each of their communities.


In fact, this time of year always makes me think about all of the amazing Christmas displays that businesses roll out in the fall. It’s more than lights in some cases, as companies go all out with inflatables, cardboard signs, tinsel, music, and so much more. Decorating for the holidays is so fun, and inviting holiday decor is a great way to increase your foot traffic during the busy shopping season.


In fact, with a top-notch display, it’s easy to attract customers during the holidays. I thought I’d take a few moments today to talk about some of my favorite tips to decorate a business for Christmas. Ready to get started?


The importance of decorating for the holidays

Well, actually before we talk about how to decorate a business for Christmas, we need to talk about the why. I already mentioned that it’s easy to attract customers during the holidays with great decorations. Why is that the case? What is it about Christmas displays that draw crowds to your business?


First, everyone is thinking about family, Christmas, and going to events together. Family gatherings bring out the best in us, and when we’re with our families, we want to make it an experience (whoops — there’s a preview of my first tip).


Nevertheless, the importance of decorating for the holidays boils down to that keyword: experience. The better of an experience you provide, the more engaged your customers will be with your company. It’s that simple!


Hatch Realty
The beautiful Hatch Realty

How to decorate a business for Christmas

We’ll unpack the importance of experience here shortly. To summarize, there are three things I think all businesses should do starting around October and running all season long. Those are:


  • Create an experience,
  • Theme your business, and
  • Make it a tradition.


So let’s dive right in with…


Create an experience

Think about the most memorable event from your childhood. Was it that afternoon you and your dad threw the football around your backyard? Simple, yet very poignant. Maybe it was the amusement park trip with your whole family where you rode a roller coaster for the very first time.


Or, perhaps it was the trip you took to Frankenmuth, Michigan. Right up I-75, and sure, about a day’s travel (though Santa can get there in a snap!), there’s something incredible about walking into Bronner’s for the very first time. There’s a reason it’s a destination for so many, even in the middle of summer!


The fact is, Christmas light events are huge. Every year, consumers spend thousands of money on Christmas displays for their homes and businesses. When you walk into a store like Bronner’s, you’re immediately drawn into the spirit of Christmas even if it’s a steamy 90 degree Michigan summer day.


Christmas displays help draw crowds in. They’re memorable, exciting, and just plain fun. When you work to create an experience, you’ll naturally attract customers during the holidays.


Theme your business

For example, one way to create an experience is to theme your business. Bronner’s isn’t themed per se; it’s simply a huge retail store full of tons of Christmas merchandise.


Themes take what they do well to the next level. Do you remember the movie Home Alone 2? There was a toy store in that movie that the owner themed very similar to Santa’s workshop. Themes help your business stand out. Whether you go for a North Pole theme, Elf Village, or Candy Land, picking a theme and going crazy with it will create an unforgettable experience for your customers.


Here’s another way to theme your business: pick your top three Christmas movies and section off parts of your store. Then, decorate each section like that movie. As a basic example, you could:


  • Buy a Michael Jordan cardboard cutout, use a train set and a couple of mannequins at a table, and play Rocking Around the Christmas tree to evoke Home Alone vibes at your register.
  • In the middle of your store, go for something quirky like Elf. Buddy is one of my best friends, and I know he wouldn’t mind if you used a stand-in for him along with decorations inspired by the store he worked at.
  • Then, for the guys go simple near their section. Create a makeshift ductwork display out of cardboard, hanging it from the ceiling. Near the end of the ductwork, tape a photo of Bruce Willis’ face!


And while you’re at it, let your staff vote on the theme. If you go with Christmas at the Movies, let them pick from a list so that they feel involved with the process.


agapanthus ocala fl
Agapanthus of Ocala, Fl offers a mesmerizing display year after year

Make it a tradition

Last but definitely not least, make it a tradition. Whatever you do with your theme and experience, do it year after year. If customers expect to see your epic display every year, they’ll show up just to see what movies you selected and how you incorporated them this season.


Better yet, include places for photo ops. Maybe you’re going to go with A Christmas Carol theme this year. Include a spot for customers to get their photo with Scrooge (and if they have the nerve, even Jacob Marley himself)!


Other small things such as cookie decorating events, hot cocoa, and a candy cane for every customer can get the whole family involved so that it’s something to look forward to every Christmas season.


Draw crowds during the holidays with Twinkle Nights lights!

Our Christmas countdown is slowly ticking away, and one of the best ways to draw crowds during the holidays is with Twinkle Nights light displays. Working with the team, they can help create an experience your customers will never forget, add to your chosen theme, and ensure that your new Christmas tradition is unforgettable!


They’ll also make sure that your business has high-quality displays designed to withstand the elements while bringing out your creative side. It’s never too early to book your Christmas display for this fall: contact the team today to schedule your appointment with Twinkle Nights!

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