5 Tips to Hang Christmas Lights That Will Impress Santa

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I don’t know about you but I am so excited for Christmas this year! Who am I kidding? I’m ALWAYS excited for Christmas! Hey there friends, it’s me again, Sparkle! Up at the North Pole, we’ve hit the start of our busy season. Really, though — it’s always busy at Santa’s shop. Still, we’re just a few months away from the start of Christmas, which means sooner than any of us realize we’re going to start seeing some utterly amazing Christmas light displays popping up all over Alachua County and beyond. Making sure those displays are set up properly is exactly what the team at Twinkle Nights specializes in. So today, they asked me to share with you five tips to hang Christmas lights that are sure to impress Santa when he delivers his goodies on Christmas Eve.


And believe me, after working with the big guy for a few thousand years, I know *exactly* what will make his head turn and say, “Ho ho ho, now that’s impressive!”


 Professional Christmas Lights installationtips to hang christmas lights

First things first, you’re going to want to have someone who specializes in hanging lights of all shapes, sizes, and designs do it for you. Sure, you can DIY your house and it’ll look good.


But for the best Christmas display on the block, you’ll want to turn to the professionals (and by professionals, I mean the team at Twinkle Nights). Have you ever wondered how the professionals hang Christmas lights? For starters, they only use professional clips that are designed to keep your hanging Christmas lights in their position all season long.


In addition, they’ll also use commercial grade light bulbs which are significantly more durable than anything you can find at your local hardware store. This saves you from having to replace a blown bulb mid-season.


In case you’re curious about some of the steps they’ll take, here’s a couple of insider tips. The Twinkle Nights crew will attach their outdoor lights to your house using professional clips. Then they’ll use ring connectors and hooks on your trees. Plus, they always begin wrapping from the bottom up to guarantee optimal light. Both of these are excellent tips for hanging Christmas lights on trees.


The professionals are trained on the best way to hang Christmas lights anywhere you want them outdoors which ensures your display will be merry and bright from the first day of installation up until the night Santa lands on your roof!



Next is location, location, location. You’ve heard this phrase many times but did you know it’s been around since 1944? I think that’s a pretty good indicator that location is key. This is no different for hanging Christmas lights!


Determine where you want to hang your lights for maximum impact and sparkle (pun intended.) Will it be along the arches or rooflines of your house? Will you wrap your windows in lights or stick to a relatively minimalist approach only by outlining your home?


Maybe you even want to line the sidewalks for an extra dose of holiday cheer. To be honest, it’s a lot to think over, and if there’s one thing Santa tells me, it’s that too many choices can be overwhelming. That’s why our knowledgeable Twinkle Nights team can help you make all these decisions and more. They’ll point out to you the best way to highlight the parts of your property that’ll be most likely to make Santa and his reindeer slow down as they pass your home.


residential Christmas light design flag pole light wrap multi color holiday lightsDesign

Design is another important aspect of your Christmas display. You want your lighting arrangement to bring joy to everyone who drives by! This can be achieved by ensuring balanced lighting with no dark areas.


Now trust me, I get it: you might be tempted to go full Griswold on your house. And if you want to know a little secret, the first time I ever hung the lights at the North Pole I created a display that would have made Clark Griswold himself take a step back.


Of course, that’s also why we had the New York blackout that year, and I learned my lesson! My best tip is to pick three main colors, for example; warm white, red, and green. You could also choose a multi-color option that has 5 plus colors that work well together. It’s all about complementary colors and creating contrast, not overwhelming the worldwide power grid!


Power saving

This is a quick tip, but ties directly into what I just talked about. A big lighting display doesn’t have to equal an astronomical power bill! Twinkle Lights can add a timer as part of your lighting arrangement to save you energy as well as time and money. Plus, the type of bulb you use can have a huge impact on how much your power bill ends up being come January. Be sure to use energy-efficient options that only draw a minimal amount of power like LED lights. They use less power and create less heat for lower fire risk.


Commercial grade

I already touched on the importance of using commercial grade bulbs earlier but let’s look at it a little closer. One big perk to using them is they are way more durable. The material used is thicker, making it almost indestructible.


Commercial bulbs and strands are also designed as one piece which prevents water and dirt from getting inside and damaging the inner components. And yes, while they’re admittedly more expensive than their big-box retail cousins when you first buy them, trust me, they’re cheaper long term. They pay for themselves in the long run by utilizing higher quality materials and construction.


Best way to hang Christmas lights

Now, I’ve been gone too long and I am certain they’ll be looking for me at the North Pole so I better make this quick. Bottom line, the best way to hang Christmas lights is to call my friends at Twinkle Nights for all of your Christmas light service needs. They love what they do and want your home or business to be the talk of the town. Give your neighborhood the sparkle it is missing and CONTACT the team at Twinkle Nights for your free quote today!


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