How Much Does It Cost To Hang Christmas Lights?

how much does it cost to hang christmas lights

Hey hey everyone! Sparkle here, taking a short little mid-summer vacation from all of our hard work back at the North Pole! It’s been a crazy busy year this year, and it seems like 2021 is flying by! Before you know it, Christmas will be here. Which, of course, means one of my favorite things ever is returning: the beautiful lighting displays from the gang at Twinkle Nights! This year, they’re gearing up to make it the best Christmas season ever and so many homeowners are ready to get in on the action. Of course, they often ask us, “How much does it cost to hang Christmas lights?”


The cost to hang Christmas lights can vary, depending on things such as the design of your house, the size of the display, and various other factors. Let’s look closer at what some of those can be.


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I’ve seen with my own eyes the pride that Tom and his team take when hanging every light display. Whether a permanent display over a back patio or a temporary show during the holidays, there’s one thing really important to accurately determine your cost to hang Christmas lights.


And that, my friends, is communication.


When you’re ready to have the team at Twinkle Nights hang your display, you’ll want to reach out to our lighting experts right away. Even today, in the middle of August, you should let them know you’re thinking about having them hang your Christmas lights.


Why is this so important? Because everything else I’m about to say today revolves around accurate communication, such as…


Display size

…the size of your display. Generally speaking, if you have an average-sized house the cost to hang Christmas lights will be lower than if you own a huge home. The size of your display should also correspond to your home size as it will take more lights to properly light your home.


However, and this is important, notice I didn’t say “home size” for this point. I said “display size.” Let’s look at it another way:


  • Homeowner A with a really big home only wants to run lights around the gutters on the front of their house. They like simple, minimalistic displays and this fits their vision best.
  • Homeowner B with a smaller home wants to run lights around every window, every square inch of their gutters, along the edges, and more.


See, this example breaks that rule of thumb. Even though Homeowner B has a smaller home, they have a much more involved display. That’s why I say display size is important, and this is something you’ll want to talk with the lighting experts about so that they can calculate your cost to hang Christmas lights.


Roof Pitch

Although not a huge cost factor, roof pitch can sometimes increase your cost to hang Christmas lights. This is because certain roofs can require special equipment to safely install your light display. Although the team at Twinkle Nights is prepared to handle just about anything you throw their way, if you have a particularly steep pitch, be sure to — you guessed it:


Let the lighting experts at Twinkle Nights know!


Number of floors

Another common factor that can affect your cost to hang Christmas lights is the number of floors you have. A house with three floors will almost always run a bit higher than your standard two-floor home. Likewise, a single-story ranch can sometimes be cheaper too. Again, this will obviously need to take into consideration your display size and design, but as a rule of thumb the more floors you have the more your cost will be.


Naturally, you’ll want to run this by our lighting experts. If you have a third floor, for example, I’m sure they’ll come up with an unbelievably creative way to light this space and make it the talk of your neighborhood. Likewise, single-story homes can be just as beautiful as any other display I’ve seen.


It really comes down to how you use the space, maximizing it in the best way possible. When you talk with Tom and the team, they’ll make certain you’re 100% happy with how your lights are going to look this season.


how much does it cost to hang christmas lightsWiring and Power

One day at the North Pole I was working on a new toy. One of my fellow Elves, in their rush to get their job done, unplugged one of my tools to plug in theirs. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t turn on, especially since I just used it a few moments earlier.


I felt kinda silly when it was all said and done. Especially when I called over the Head Elf for help. It’s a good reminder though: it’s important to have power.


Holiday light displays naturally need access to a standard AC outlet. Some houses, especially older ones, may not have outside outlets. Others may only have a single receptacle at the back of the house.


Depending on your situation, it may be necessary to install an additional outlet or two. This prevents you from overloading a single unit with your light show. The team at Twinkle Nights are experts at helping you decide how to best handle this. When you meet with them, if you need more power, they’ll let you know and who to contact for installation.


That’s why it’s important to contact Twinkle Nights as soon as you’re ready! That way you don’t discover you need more power receptacles than you currently have.


All of these considerations can affect your cost to hang Christmas lights

My time here in Florida is about done for now, and I need to get back to the shop soon. But before I go, I just wanted to emphasize one last thing:


The Twinkle Nights Holiday Light’s starting price is $995 for commercial and residential homes and the commercial designs can range well over $100,000 for truly spectacular displays. However, the best way to know how much it will cost to hang Christmas lights is to CONTACT our lighting experts for a free quote. They’ll schedule a time to stop by, to go over your ideas, and how they can make it happen!


And with that, I’m off!


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