How to Light Up Your Patio for Parties

How to light up your patio for parties

Picture this. The sun is setting on another beautiful day in Gainesville, Florida. A beautiful patio sits in front of us, lit from every corner with soft, colorful light. A party is just getting started! Attendees are arriving with gifts for the guest of honor. The tables are decorated and ready for the celebration. The smell of delicious barbecue is coming from the grill….Oh! I didn’t even see you there! I know, I know, I’m just an elf and I’m supposed to be at the North Pole right now but I just HAD to see this. The patio lighting setups that the team at Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights builds are just too amazing to pass up. And you know, I can’t resist a good party!

Of course, how to light up your patio for parties can be challenging. Today, I want to share with you some great tips that Tom has taught his team over the years.


How to Hang Patio Lights

Patio Lighting 101

Your party doesn’t have to end just because the sun is going down. When you properly light up your patio for parties, it ensures the fun can go on well into the night! High-quality string lights with beautiful Edison Bulbs can be permanently installed just about anywhere. This is a huge advantage and a time saver. Rather than putting them up and taking them down for every event, your lights remain in place all year long.

If that is, they’re properly installed. This includes:

  • Ensuring that you have them hanging correctly;
  • Ensuring that you have proper power ran to them;
  • And ensuring that they won’t be negatively impacted by the elements.

After that, the next important thing is to make sure they can accommodate some specific events. 

Bridal showers and evening weddings

Patio lighting sets the stage for any event. No matter the theme, your patio lights are certain to add an extra layer of sparkle (see what I did there?) to your special day. They provide ambiance and uniqueness without being in the way. Rather, they’ll enhance your theme nicely!

I’m guessing it’s not often you’ll have a wedding in your backyard, but if you’ve already got your lights in place, it makes it that much easier to offer your patio up as a potential ceremony location for a friend or family member who is looking for a quiet, intimate location.

Baby showers & gender reveal

35 String Light Ideas for Your Wedding

A lot of baby-related parties take place during the day but festivities continue all evening. Instead of the usual herding your guests indoors or cutting the party short, you can simply flip the switch on your beautiful backyard light set up and dance the night away! An outdoor party also gives you plenty of space to spread out without having to make cuts to your invite list like you might at a smaller, indoor venue. Here’s a creative idea: find blue or pink bulbs and host your gender reveal at night. It will certainly be memorable!

Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and other block parties

Memorial Day is really the official kick-off to summer. With permanent lighting, your party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down, it can last well into the night! Spend the day grilling and playing games, then turn on your patio lights as the sun sets and enjoy even more time with those you love. The Fourth of July is another holiday well served by your patio lights. Set out chairs for everyone and enjoy the neighborhood fireworks show from your backyard oasis! Pro tip: swap out some of your bulbs with red, white, and blue for either of these holidays to make it even more festive. And then don’t forget to invite me!

Maybe you like to host the neighborhood block party? Lighting makes it easier! In the same way you’d hire Tom’s company to make your house into a Griswold-esque masterpiece at Christmas, you can hire them to light your patio and make your backyard party central for the neighborhood. All the neighbors will want to know who to call to make their yards look as good as yours!

Fall celebrationsOutdoor Fall Decorations | Fall Patio Pictures: Autumn, Fall, Colors, Patios - Bombay Outdoors | Small backyard landscaping, Backyard, Small backyard

Lighting options for your patio even extend into the Fall! As the weather cools down, patio lighting onto your back deck or fire pit area allows you to continue to enjoy the great outdoors with your family even as the sun sets earlier in the evening than we might all like. With a high quality, permanent lighting set up from Tom, all you have to worry about is what music to put on the radio and what drinks to keep in the cooler.

Let Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights light up your patio for parties

The right lighting will make your patio the place to be for your next event. But don’t just take my word for it. Contact Twinkle Nights Holiday Lights for all your patio lighting needs. They’re well known for their annual Christmas displays and have some downright amazing options for your permanent, year-round patio lighting.

When you want to light up your patio for parties, they’re the pros! They know how to do it safely and securely and can help you design the perfect backyard oasis!

Now, I have to go before Santa notices I’m gone again!


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