Hire The Best Holiday Lights Business – Ask These 8 Questions

Gainesville Holiday Light Elf shows off the light hanging trailer


Hey everybody, Sparkle here again! Santa just told me the other day, “Sparkle, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times: ask questions before you buy something online.” Apparently, I tend to make decisions without having all of the information. Of course, when you want to hire the best holiday lights business, you’ll want to ask questions too. So before you sign on the dotted line, ask these 8 questions!


Does the company have formal training for installing and removing Christmas lights?


The first thing you’ll want to know when you’re looking to hire the best holiday lights business is whether they’ve been properly trained in installing and removing holiday lights. For example, Santa has a very structured training course all elves have to take. It took me two times just to pass the final test! 

Likewise, does this company simply “hire and start working” with their employees, or do they take the time to educate, certify, and support their team members? If they don’t train them properly, it can be disastrous!


What is their installation and removal process like?


This question is relatively open-ended, but there are still several things to look for when you’re about to hire the best holiday lights business. Santa always says, “Sparkle, first ask a really broad question and then ask follow up questions.” 

So start with, “What is your installation and removal process like?” and see what they say. If they don’t go into a lot of detail, ask them something else such as the timeframe needed or when they usually take lights down. Listen for clues, and if they still don’t give you a lot of info, thank them for their time and call the next company. 


Does the company have insurance in case someone falls?

Gainesville Holiday Light Elf demonstrates how not to hang lights


This question is pretty straightforward. Do they cover their employees if someone gets hurt on the job? Do they have liability protection for you and even insurance to cover if your property gets damaged too? You might assume they do, but like Santa says you’ll want to ask anyway to be sure!


Do they have an on-call quick response team for issues?


Things happen. Weather is unpredictable. Need proof? Just ask Santa what it’s like traveling the whole world on Christmas Eve. It might be snowing in Russia yet crazy hot in California all in the same evening! 

Sometimes, super high winds can knock a part of your display down or off of your house. This can even be a safety hazard (in addition to looking bad). So, does the company have an on-call team who can respond quickly in the event of an emergency? If so, that’s the mark of someone you’ll want to do business with!


What is their reputation in the community?


This isn’t a question you can necessarily ask the company, as they’re sure to say they have a good reputation. However, ask your friends on social media if they’ve heard of the company. Maybe even post a “looking for recommendations” message on Facebook to see if your friends mention them. And of course, check with your local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and even Yelp for online reviews of the company.


Did they provide you with references?


The sign of a good holiday lights business is one who gives you references without being asked. Whether they have testimonials on their website, video reviews from the customers, or even written references, they should make it easy to find out what their past customers have said about them.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but even a relatively new company can provide you with references of some kind. If they don’t like to talk about their experience or can’t show you what they’ve done elsewhere, they’re probably hiding something.


Hire The Best Holiday Lights Business - Ask These 8 QuestionsHow charitable is the company?


Community is so important. At the North Pole, we elves spend a lot of time together. We’re involved in each other’s lives. 

How heavily involved in your community is the company you’re talking to? Do they donate to charity or sponsor local activities? This shows you more about their character than anything else you’ll ask them.


What kind of lights do they use?


When you want to hire the best holiday lights business, it’s important to know whether they’re planning to use commercial grade or consumer-grade lights. Ask where they purchase their lights and what style (such as C9 lights, which are rated for outdoor displays) they use. If they use off the shelf options from your local hardware store, that’s not good — trust me!


Hire The Best Holiday Lights Business


Hopefully, by asking these 8 questions you can make an informed choice when you hire your holiday light company. Of course, I know who the best holiday lights business is already. Do you know who I’m thinking about?

You guessed it: Gainesville Holiday Lights. They have the right mix of experience and customer service options you’re looking for. A member of their team would love to speak with you — just fill out their short contact form HERE!


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