Choosing the Best Holiday Lights Company


Choosing the best holiday lights company is an important decision. You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions such as:

Do they use energy-efficient bulbs?

Energy efficient bulbs are energy efficient. Does the holiday lights company use them? We use LED bulbs which save home and business owners money on their energy bill. According to the EPA, “LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.”

Do they have a large selection of lights?

Our selection of lights is vast! If you request it, we can get it. There are many varieties of lights and our most popular are warm whites. That being said, if you like color assortments, we have those as well!

Where are the bulbs stored?

Where are the lights stored? That’s a great question! We’ve noticed that our customers try to keep their homes as clean and decluttered as possible. Some of our customers have limited storage spaces. That’s why we store the lights in our own facility! We install the lights and take them down. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Are they certified, licensed, and insured?

Any home improvement business that isn’t licensed or insured is asking for trouble. As a matter of fact, this question is so important we dedicate an entire section to it! Let’s get started!

Licensed, Insured, and Certified

It’s important for a holiday lights company to be certified! Case in point: Let’s say that Discount Jimmy’s, a holiday lights company, has an installation scheduled. The employee shows up, climbs up the ladder, and starts working on the roof. The employee wasn’t paying attention and tripped over a protruded nail in the roof. He fell off and broke his leg. Here’s the good news: The roof was only 11 feet high. But here’s the bad news: Discount Jimmy’s doesn’t carry insurance.

What happens next? Who’s responsible for the hospital bills for the broken leg? Discount Jimmy’s may also be liable. The homeowner may be liable. Either way, when a company isn’t licensed and insured, lawsuits will happen when there are injuries.

Gainesville Holiday Lights is both licensed and insured! In addition, we’re also certified to install holiday lights.

The CLIPA Certification

Did you know there’s a certification for installing holiday lights? There is, and we have it! It’s called the CLIPA certification and stands for Christmas Light Installation Pro Association. Holding this certification boosts the credibility of a holiday lights company. After all, here are some factors that need to be fulfilled to be CLIPA certified:

  • “CLIPA Training Events for New Installers (Itinerary Created by 20-year industry veterans).
  • Testing for New and Experienced installers.
  • Proof of (3) Years or More Experience for Existing Installers.
  • At Least (4) Letters of Reference from Past or Present Clients for Existing Installers.”

Being a CLIPA-certified installer allows home and business owners to know that Gainesville Holiday Lights performs work with the highest degree of professionalism. We’re Gainesville’s #1 holiday lights company!

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